TapolyaiA long, long time ago, I don’t quite remember back that far, the gentle arms that caressed me, the beautiful eyes that adored me, the heart that warmed me, the angelic voice that sang my lullabies and said the most beautiful things to me, were the beginning of my mother’s ever lasting love.

Since the beginning of love at the first sight, her concerning and worried voice still carries a lot of tender care. Her love is a sunshine that all can remember, which peeks through even the worst thunder coulds that life can throw at you, and it is the rainbow that will guide you through to tranquility, yet one more time.

Mother’s bond will reach across the oceans, at times showing up in a little wrinkeld letter with her hand writing on still, as beads of perl, flowing gently across the white plains of that envelop.

That little white packet holds so much more than just a few thoughts of care, questions and love.

It is a treasure trove again an again, no matter how many times I read it, and miraculously, I can hear her voice reading those lines.

Mother’s Day is here again, an official day to symbolize what we all have in common across nations, languages, cultures and across the planet – we all have a mother. This is yet another day to be thankful and greatful to our mothers. Some of us celebrate this day hugging and kissing our mother, the less fortunate of us remember her with fond memories while carrying the pain of not having the chance to hug her one more time – yet she still consoles us with cheerful memories

I long, long stare at that envelop, holding it carfully, running my fingers through the letters, almost feeling the dimples on the paper where she put the pen down a bit harder to make a point. Those bold letters declaring my name, standing there proudly a little bit above of all other lines, the most important piece – her child. It’s only an addres, you would say, but to me it is a lot more, it is love and her pride. Finally, I look out the window, gaze toward the distant past, across the oceans, and mutter the first thought come to my heart: Edesanyam !

Peter Tapolyai