Formed in 1902, the United Hungarian Societies serves as an umbrella organization that unites the Greater Cleveland area Hungarian-American organizations and works to represent their interests, and in so doing, seeks to preserve, cultivate, develop and disseminate Hungarian culture. To further serve the region’s Hungarian-Americans, it may initiate and organize activities for the benefit of this community.

Endre Szentkiralyi


Endre Szentkiralyi was born and raised in Cleveland, has been active in its Hungarian scouting community for decades, and serves on the Board of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society as well as of the Hungarian American Coalition. He has written and edited three books about Cleveland’s Hungarian community, and teaches high school in the greater Cleveland area.

Judy Gyorky

Vice President

Judy Gyorky is a member of St. Emeric church and has managed Cleveland’s Hungarian August 20th festivals, which usually attract over a thousand people. She has been active in the Hungarian scouts since a young age, and works in hospitality management at a hotel downtown.

Paul Strada


Paul Strada is a former scoutmaster of a local Hungarian scout troop, born and raised in the Cleveland area. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University, and works in banking and data science.

Robert Fazekas

Corresponding Secretary

Robert Fazekas arrived in the United States from Hungary in 2010. He is an elder of the Hungarian Lutheran church and also a member of the Hungarian Association. He organized both of Cleveland’s recent Kossuth Days, and works in the manufacturing industry.

Miklos Boros

Recording Secretary

Nicholas Boros is a volunteer with the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society and a member of St. Emeric and St. Elizabeth churches. He graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree in linguistics, comparative religion, and mathematics and currently teaches high school mathematics. In his spare time, he researches the histories of diasporic religious communities.

Zsuzsa Daroczy


Zsuzsa Daroczy grew up in Cleveland’s Hungarian community, active in its scouts and folk dance group, and is chief elder of the West Side Hungarian Reformed Church. Her educational background is in child psychology, and she works as a contract linguist for a government agency.

Charles Hokky


Charles Hokky grew up in Cleveland, has been a Board member for the American Hungarian Friends of Scouting, has been an assistant scoutmaster, and was treasurer for the Lakewood Athletic Boosters. He works as a computer specialist in a local school district.


In order of their service:


Lajos Berczel, dr. Elek Csutoros, Ferenc Beck, Miklós Kováchy, Pál Nagy, dr. Henrik Baracs, Lajos Petrásh, Imre Király, György Kemény, István Gobozy, István Körmendy, József Fodor, Gyula Kováchy, István Monoky, Mihály Tóth, János Laskó, István Gobozy, Ferenc Pokorny, András Donó, Sándor Menyhárt, László Kemes, Kathy Kapossy, Jack Kőrössy, Valéria Rátoni-Nagy.