Dear All – Sunday, October 25th  – the sun was shining, the temperature was ideal and Mother Nature was at her best.  This perfect autumn day brought out almost 200  Hungarians to honor and commemorate the 59th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.  It was an inspiring event and at this time I would like to thank all those who contributed to the day’s success.

*        West Side Hungarian Lutheran church and Rev. Tamasy Eva for co-hosting this gathering with the United Hungarian Societies
*        West Side Hungarian Reformed Church for being the venue for the occasion
*        Peller Miklos for stepping in the last minute to help with the piano accompaniments
*        Solymosi Aladar for being our wonderful Master of Ceremonies
*        “kis Magyar Korus” for your faithful musical tribute and Vasarhelyi Simon Juci for skillfully conducting them
*        West Side Hungarian school pupils Solymosi Kati and Tamasy Viola, for your poetry recitation and the darling little ones for your innocent and pure performance
*        Hungarian Girl Scout Troop #34 for the beautiful remembrance
*        Hungarian Boy Scout Troop #14 for your unexpected but welcomed attendance
*        Leitgeb Edina for your enriching recitation
*        Dr. Szakacs Imre,  Hungarian Consul of the National Cohesion, for departing by car from New York in the early morning to deliver         his poigant message to us and then returning to New York – your commitment is truly appreciated
*        Fr. Mezei Andras, from St. Emeric’s Catholic church, for his eloquent closing prayer
*        Rev. Tamasy Eva and Toth Maria “Ovi” and all the other fantastic bakers who shared their talents with the rest of us with mouth-watering treats
*        Megyimori Marika, Varga Sanyi and Lazar Ari, members of the United Hungarian Societies board, who were there to assist with         whatever had to be done.  (Thank you Marika for the awesome “korozot” – it was a hit, as usual)
*        Bocskai Radio for recording the event for posterity

and last but not least all of the devoted Hungarians who attended.

és Isten áldd meg a Magyart !